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Having a Party or Event?

Are you having or planning a party or event?

In this article, my aim is to give prospective clients some advice on booking their mobile disco and venue. With me, you are in experienced and safe hands so that your party goes with a swing! The advice below relates equally to weddings receptions as well as a party.

Hotel, Village Hall or Marquee

Hotels tend to be the most expensive route, and for many people it’s their preference as the worry of organising things is undertaken by the hotel. You are paying for peace of mind as well as their professional knowledge and experience of hosting events.

Many hotels have a preferred supplier for photography and discos/entertainment. Some hotels use an agency, where anyone could theoretically turn up to DJ your event! My view is that clients should organise their own DJ. This is because it’s important to know and have peace of mind that the person DJing their event is capable and experienced.

Another point is that hiring a DJ through a hotel often works out more expensive. This is because the hotel and agent will take their cut/commission. Customers tend to have little or no contact with a resident DJ. If booking privately you will have the rapport giving you peace of mind.

Hotel have the advantage that they usually have nice grounds for photographs. Hotel tend to have options to finish later than village halls. Occasionally they allow 1.00am finishes.

Village Halls/Community centres are a cheaper option. This means that catering will often fall on to the organiser, but the savings are large. Remember that finishing times tend to be earlier at village halls. It’s unusual to go past midnight.

Marquee events are popular during Summer months. Remember that you will need power, possibly heating in the Spring and Autumn and actual lighting. Also think about where your guests will park. Marquee events are wonderful occasions, and are superb in the summer. From a Disco perspective I would recommend an early set up in most cases.


I always want everyone to have a great time, by dancing the night away to full floor.

How do I ensure this? By working with you. I want to know your favourite songs, what you want to hear. I have vast experience of all types of music and genres. All of my music is legally sourced and paid for. Over 30 years, my understanding of music is second to none from current charts all the way back to the 1930’s.

I welcome your playlists and requests both beforehand and on the night. Also if there are any songs which should not be played, let me know too!

Many DJ’s will not have sufficient knowledge of music to play what you want. I have heard of many unfortunate stories where someone inexperienced has ruined a party through simply not knowing a genre of music.


Please remember that if you are organising a party, you need to ensure that you book the venue for enough time. I will take approx 45 mins to set up and to leave the premises. You need to factor in time to decorate the room. If it’s a surprise birthday party, please ensure everyone is at the venue well before the birthday boy/girl arrives!

For example if you have the venue until 12.00, then the party needs to end approx 11.15 to allow for clearing up. Hotels tend to be different as you usually book actual times for the event.

For example, for a typical 5 hour party from 7pm to midnight, you would need to book the venue for a minimum of 7 hours.


I provide free use of a quality radio microphone for those important speeches. Most other discos will charge you £50 for this service.

Sound Level Meters

If you are having a party or event this is an important point.

Sound is measured in decibels (DB).

Many venues have restrictions on the level of sound, and this is governed by an electronic meter. The volume level set depends on a number of factors. It’s important to know if your hotel venue or village hall has a Sound level meter. My experience is that a few of these are set to 75db. This is not very loud at all and general singing may trigger the meter. What does this mean? The meter will shut off the music and possibly lighting. Potentially this is an issue, and you must be advised of the existence of such a device. In my experience, any device set below 95db will impact your function.

Are you having a party or event? If you are, please call or email me. I’d be delighted to hear from you.