Disco Lights

In this article my aim is to give you an overview on my disco lighting and how disco lights will enhance your wedding or party. In my experience, clients tend to ask very few questions about disco lighting, and whilst it can be a fairly technical area. Its very important to know some basics.

Why is it important to know about disco lighting?

Most people know that disco lights tend to flash and are different colours. However by asking your DJ a few questions, your event will be greatly enhanced and be even more memorable.

Modern disco lights are LED and consume little power and are very reliable and incredibly safe.

The first thing to know is that all disco lighting should be fully controllable. This means that your DJ should be able to to control which lighting he or she uses, the brightness, speed , colour and direction on those lights. The standard term is DMX. For example, many wedding clients have a particular colour scheme. During say the Bride & Groom’s first dance of the evening, I can match the wedding scheme colours to my lighting. This looks fantastic.

Some guests may suffer from epilepsy or prefer that the lighting won’t strobe. This is absolutely fine, as all of my lighting is fully controllable.

I offer a free consultation service and would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Types of Disco Lights

I always use a large selection of lighting. The lighting which I use for a children’s or teenage party will be very different from what I use for a wedding reception. The picture below is from a recent party and shows a pair of ‘moving heads’. These spins around the room change patterns & colours. They can also be quite still, and fantastic for slow dances.

Whatever your function, I will have the lighting to suit your party.

UV Lighting

This has become very popular. I can supply UV mood lighting giving a ;wow; effect around the room which lights up the walls or alternatively as main disco lighting. In 2019 I have seen a massive increase in demand for UV lighting.

Mood Lighting

A very popular option for events. I can match your wedding or corporate colour scheme/choice to my mood lighting giving your event a really fantastic ‘wow’ effect. Have part of the whole venue colour washed in your chosen colour. Packages start from just £50.

Wedding DJ Ipswich
Disco Lights for a wedding in Ipswich Suffolk


All disco lighting should be professionally serviced and carry Portable Appliance Testing certification.


Laser lighting at functions became popular about 15 years ago. It looks fantastic with haze or fog (where permitted by the venue) and adds a dynamic atmosphere for parties. I will provide laser lighting by request.