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Themed Event Discos

Are you organising themed event discos? Look no further than me!

Themed event discos have become increasingly popular in recent years. I have over 30 years of experience organising and working with clients for their themed event. So whether you are organising a charity themed event or an 80’s style 40th Birthday party, I am the disco for you!

Many clients have started to introduce a theme aspect for their wedding reception, which makes it truly unique.

In this article I aim to cover some questions that clients frequently ask me when thinking or organising such events.

Types of Themes

Anything you want I can provide. I am vastly experienced, and my knowledge of music is second to none.

Some popular examples of themed disco events include:

  • 90’s
  • 80’s
  • 70’s
  • 60′
  • 50’s
  • 40’s
  • 30’s
  • Motown & Soul
  • James Bond 007
  • Caribbean
  • Salsa
  • Pool party
  • Bollywood
  • Wild west
  • Football theme
  • UV Themed

Recent 2019 Examples

2019 was extremely busy for themed discos. Many client want to add a slightly different dimension to their special occasion.

Laura contacted me as she was celebrating her 21st Birthday in Norwich and wanted an 80’s style theme. Everyone including me dressed for the occasion. I supplied UV lighting, free glow sticks, and mirror ball lighting to provide a real 1980’s atmosphere! The music was of course strictly 1980s!

Paul from Cambridge was organising a charity event in a local hotel. He decided that a James Bond 007 event was his preference. Everyone including me wore appropriate dress. I compared the evening and organised some fundraising initiatives.


Flexibility is vitally important in these type of events.

I am sometimes asked if the themed event could be flexible as the evening progresses. This is absolutely fine. A recent example was a 30’s themed event when I played 30’s music until 9.30. From that point the client wished for party music for the remainder of the evening, which was fine.


The prices for parties start at £299.

I am a proud member of the National Association of DJ’s

For your themed event discos please email me or call me 07790 236647