10 Questions you must ask your DJ

It’s important that when booking a DJ that you take a little time to consider whether he or she is suitable for your event. Here are 10 questions that you must ask your DJ.

Why asking 10 Questions to your DJ is important

It’s vital when considering booking the services of a DJ, that you spend time establishing they are right choice for your event. Professional DJ’s should be willing to provide this information without any problem. 

How experienced are you?

Of the 10 questions you must ask your DJ, this one is the most important. 

Don’t be afraid to ask this question. It takes years to become a competent wedding DJ. My view is that it takes a minimum of 10 years experience of wedding receptions and at least 5 years of DJing general parties. Anything else isn’t enough for an important event. I would suggest asking for references, testimonials and whether they have played at the venue. There is a world of difference between DJing in a pub and having the responsibility for your wedding reception.

What music will you play?

This question is linked to experience. It’s highly likely that an experienced DJ will have a vast selection and knowledge of music. He will know what to play next to keep the floor full all night long. He will welcome requests and playlists, and be ready to discuss your preferences in advance of your event. An inexperienced DJ will not have the knowledge and possibly will end up playing the music they like. The result will be an empty floor and disappointed guests.

Can we meet you to discuss our wedding or party?

This is very important. A professional disco should always offer a free client meeting. It’s your chance to meet the DJ prior to booking them. You can ask unlimited questions and gives you the opportunity to specify any particular requirements such as colour schemes, music etc. The DJ will be able to answer any questions putting your mind at ease. You can then decide whether to proceed.

When will you arrive to set up?

An experienced DJ will know how long it takes to set up and is likely to have experience of your venue. They should be prepared to arrive in good time. Sometimes, it may be necessary to request that the DJ sets up earlier in the day. This is fairly typical for weddings or marquee functions. Would your DJ be willing to provide this additional service?

Do you carry back up equipment?

Don’t assume that your DJ will carry these items. All professional DJ’s should carry back up equipment should it be required. However, I frequently hear of sad stories where inexperienced DJ’s didn’t do so and thus the night abruptly ended early for disappointed clients.

Do you offer a written booking contract?

This is really important. A written contract will ensure that both you and the DJ know what you are agreeing to. It should offer you reassurance.

Are you PAT tested and do you have PLI?

Both of these are necessary. PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing. This means that all electrical equipment is tested yearly for safety. A certificate is issued as proof. PLI is Public Liability Insurance. Venues may refuse a DJ entry if he or she doesn’t have this. It’s good practice for the DJ to offer both certificates to the venue in advance of your function.

May I see you DJ at an actual live event?

If it’s a public event, then the answer maybe be yes.

However the vast majority of events are private, and therefore it’s unreasonable to expect access to these events such as weddings. An alternative suggestions would be videos and testimonials.

Is your equipment suitable for my event?

It’s worth asking a couple of questions to ensure that the DJ has the right equipment for your event. Many inexperienced DJ’s will not have a selection of equipment. For example, a wedding in a marquee will require a high quality and capable sound system. An event for 200 people will sound awful if the sound system is insufficient.

It’s also worth exploring whether your DJ is able to control his lights. No one wants to be blinded by lights shining in their face all night long.

How much do you charge?

I’ve left this as my final question. This is because at this stage, should be be ready to book after discussing your requirements with the DJ. Depending on your budget, you will be able to make an informed decision. I would never book on price alone. Cheap DJs are usually so a very good reason. Experienced DJ’s will spend considerable time and effort preparing for your event, so that it runs smoothly.

10 Questions you must ask your DJ, will ensure that you will have a great party!