I Will Play Your Requests

I will play your requests. From my experience, there are two keys elements in playing music for you and your guests. Firstly, there is the skill and experience of the DJ to ‘read the dancefloor’. Secondly, requests and music preferences from you and your guests. In this short article I explain why both elements are equally important and go hand in hand for any great party.

Your Requests & Playlists

I know just how much my clients love to request songs and provide me with playlists of songs they would like me to play.

Many of my clients like to compile a list of their favourite songs to be played during the event. Sometimes they ask their invited guests to have direct input into the list. I’ve heard of novel ideas such as each wedding or party guest adding 1 song to the list. My advice from experience is to limit the list to say 30 or so songs. The reason for this is that many clients and guests also like to request songs during the event.

Reading the Dancefloor

I regard this is one of the most important attributes of any professional and experienced DJ.

Reading the dancefloor and using all of my experience to know what would be a great song to play next takes years of experience. It cannot be learnt overnight, and makes the difference between a good party and an outstanding unforgettable event.

In my experience certain songs are best played during the second half or towards the end of the evening where they have maximum impact and enjoyment. For example, Mr Brightside by The Killers is best played towards the end of the function rather than early on.

Songs to be Avoided

For many reasons, there may be songs which you do not want playing at your function. This is absolutely fine with me.

Free Client Meeting

I offer free local meetings to clients. I’ll be delighted to discuss your music preferences at such a meeting.

I will play your requests and I’d be delighted to DJ your special event.