People dancing - 14 questions you must ask your DJ14 questions you must ask your DJ. In this article I aim to cover the key 14 questions you must ask your DJ. Whether you require a wedding DJ, birthday party DJ or a DJ for any type of event this advice is relevant to you and the success of your function. 

Phone Them, Don’t Just Email

14 questions you must ask your DJ – Many clients make initial contact via email, which is great  and informal. However, I would strongly recommend leaving contact details and also your phone number. This is because it allows me to discuss and answer all of your questions you may have. It also enables me to ensure that I am able to understand your exact requirements before I provide you with a quote.

It is not advisable to make a booking without talking to your DJ. 

How Much Do You Charge?

The first question I am frequently asked is how much do I charge for a disco? Of the 14 questions you must ask your DJ in this blog, this should be your final question in my opinion, as you will need to establish whether your DJ is suitable for your event. There is no point booking someone just because they are cheap. Remember, they will be cheap for a reason! You need to make sure that your DJ will provide you with a fantastic event, ticking all of the boxes.

14 questions you must ask your DJ – My prices depend on my clients requirements such as how long the function is for. This is because a 2 hour children’s party will cost less than a 6 hour wedding reception. Other factors include, location, whether you require an early set up, mood lighting, confetti cannons, special requirements and so on. Once I understand your requirements I will guarantee a fixed price which is valid for 24 months.

Are you experienced?

14 questions you must ask your DJ. It’s a critically important question to ask your DJ how experience are they. What evidence to they have to support this? When did they do their very first wedding reception? What venues do they play in? Can they provide testimonials?

With over 30 years of experience, I have covered every conceivable function from a wedding in Norwich to a 90th Birthday Party in Diss. I have vast knowledge of all types of music from the current chart through to Tamala Motown and Rock N Roll.

Will your DJ be experienced enough to understand the proceedings and etiquette such as wedding receptions and surprise parties? Communication skills are absolutely critical. At East Anglian Discos I love talking to people! I understand the need to communicate to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, I frequently hear stories of agencies and other DJ’s sending inexperienced part-time people to cover events meaning disappointment for the customer with empty dance floors. With East Anglian Discos when you book me, it will be me that DJ’s your function. I will not send other people in my place.

I’ve a number of household named clients: Shell UK, Anglia TV, National Trust, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Marriott Hotels, Broads Tours, Swallow Hotels, Potters Holidays, Haven Holidays, Norwich City FC, RAF Honington.

How Loud Will The Music Be?

14 questions you must ask your DJ. With East Anglian Discos you are in control of the volume. I never play music too loud. I understand that an important part of a function is ensuring the clients are able to talk without the music being too loud. By using the finest audio equipment made by Pioneer and FBT I ensure that the music is crystal clear.

I work on the premise that I am playing to the dance floor, rather than all 4 corners of the room. This means that guests should be able to talk to each other whilst other guests are dancing the evening away on the dance floor.

Do You Play Requests & Can We Send Music Lists To You?

Absolutely. I’m always delighted to take requests both before and also during the function. From my experience, I understand that each function is different and all clients have different music tastes. I am always happy to discuss your music choices in detail. 14 questions to ask your DJ – this is a critical question as don’t assume they will play what you want! 

14 questions you must ask your DJ. To ensure I play the music that you really do want, apart from my large and extensive music collection, I also use DJ streaming services via wi-fi to ensure that I can play your favourite songs. 

I accept playlists up to 30 songs. This is because in my experience very long playlists don’t work so well as guests like to make requests during the function and the skill & experience of the DJ will be important to ‘read the floor’.

Can We Meet You?

14 questions you must your DJ – I offer all of my clients a  free consultation meeting at the venue, location or at your home address. Whatever is more convenient to you. This service is free for all clients based in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

I would also recommend the meeting is incorporated into a site visit where you are thinking about a marquee function. This helps with my understanding of the location, site access, power requirement and space.

How Do We Pay You?

All bookings are secured by a contract,giving you piece of mind. I will always ask for a deposit of typically £100. The balance is payable 2 weeks prior to the event.

All payments are made by bank transfer or Paypal, whatever is more convenient to you.

I will accept cash, but this must be by prior agreement. 

14 questions to ask your DJ.

Can You Control Your Lighting?

14 questions you must ask your DJ – My lighting is fully controllable by a computer. This means that I can control whether or not they flash, the colour speed and direction. Please be aware that many discos do not have this capability.

Can We See You Working?

14 questions you must ask your DJ- If possible then of course yes, providing it’s a public function.

Most of my functions are strictly private, and I will fully respect this and the privacy of my clients. In these cases it wouldn’t be possible to visit the venue. However, this website contains all of my latest Youtube videos of recent events.

Do You Work With Bands or Solo Artistes?

I am very experienced working with bands and solo artistes and happily work with them. I have years of experience working with a vast array of local and national bands and solo artistes.

What Sound System Do You Have?

This a very important question which you must ask your DJ.

Why have I included it within 14 questions you must must ask your DJ is because you need to be assured that your DJ has a sound system that is suitable for your event.

Why is this important? Many professional DJs will have a selection of sound systems that will be suitable for different type of events. However many do not, and have will have inadequate power, sound muffled or use a system that is too big or loud for the venue. 

14 questions you must ask your DJ. For example. a marquee wedding or party will require a more powerful system. This is because you are effectively playing outside, and the sound will simply carry.

Secondly, a small party in a village hall will require a different system to a 200 person event.

I use speakers by industry leading brands such as FBT, RCF & EV. They have the best reliability and clarity. The DJ must also carry a back up system in case of any failure. This is very important.

How Reliable Are You?

100%. I always issue you with a booking contract which gives you total peace of mind. When booking East Anglian Discos you get me, nobody else. I never subcontract any work or send someone else instead in my place. Unfortunately a large number of DJ’s do not issue contracts, and this puts people at risk of being let down. 14 questions you must ask your DJ is this one. 

Are you Insured and have the necessary safety certificates?

14 questions you must ask your DJ. Yes to both. I have £10m public liability insurance which and portable appliance test (PAT) certificates. I carry out a risk assessment for each function. Please remember than many DJs are not insured. I have heard stories that some DJs being refused access to venues as they don’t possess the necessary documentation.

Can you set up early?

14 questions you must ask your DJ. It is incredibly useful if your DJ is flexible and will set up earlier in the day. It involves a small cost and will save time. It looks makes the afternoon’s events flow naturally into the evening. I find it is particularly popular for marquee type events and also in hotels where a wedding takes place later in day, and the early set up saves a lot of time. Many venues also prefer this approach and is also very popular with Bride & Grooms.

It’s important that you ask your DJ as many of the above questions to give you peace of mind. It’s also something that the press agree with me on.

14 Questions you must ask your DJ

14 questions you must ask your DJ. East AnglianDisco will give you total peace of mind for your special occasion. I would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you and provide a quote. 

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