What makes a great party disco?

That’s a good question, which I will answer below. In my experience there are probably 4 key areas which are vital for a great party disco.

Never be taken in by a flash website. Always talk to your DJ and assess yourself whether they have the experience and ability to make your event special. Everyone wants to enjoy a great party disco.

Experienced Disco

I cannot stress just how important this is for a great party disco.

If you have been a DJ for many years like me, you will have experienced many different types of function and situations. I am also holder of the DJ Platinum award for excellence. Any event should not be a problem to an experienced DJ.The benefit of experience that you can apply that knowledge to future functions. For example, I had the pleasure of DJing Columbian, Indian and Dutch wedding reception recently. I met with the Bride and Groom, and discussed their special day, and the music they wanted.

I offer free meetings because I know that puts my clients at ease and allows me to discuss their special day in detail. It also gives me the opportunity to offer my advice based upon my experiences.

Playing the music you want

A great party disco means that I play the music you want to hear. Why wouldn’t I, after all it’s your party, and we all want a great party disco. 

My knowledge of music is second to none. That means I can play virtually anything you want. I welcome your requests or a playlist, or you can sit back to leave it to me. Many discos will either not have the experience to know their music well enough or unfortunately will not accommodate what you want played.

Many DJ’s will play the music they like rather that what you the customer wants. Is that right? It certainly isn’t!

Very recently I was contacted by a inexperienced DJ who wanted to cancel a function because he had no knowledge of 70’s music or Tamala Motown. Fortunately I was available and took on the gig from him and contacted the client, who experienced a great party.

The moral here is that not all DJ’s know their music well enough or are prepared to play what you the customer wants. My advice is to always check that they are knowledgeable and flexible in their approach.


This is a big area to consider for a great party disco.

Firstly, once you wish to proceed with a booking, I would always confirm this quickly by email with a booking contract giving you peace of mind. Many DJ’s do not do this, and this leaves you the client in a very vulnerable position. It’s all too common to hear of people being let down by inexperienced discos often on the day of the party.

Part of great disco is the DJ liaising with you the client, ensuring everything runs smoothly. For example, at a surprise birthday party timings are crucial to ensure the surprise to kept until the last second! At weddings, the DJ needs to know what is happening, when and where. For example announcements made at the right time for the cutting of the wedding cake or the important first dance.

Another key area for me is to maintain contact with my client throughout the period from the initial booking to the day of the event. This not only to gives peace of mind, but also updates me on any changes/alterations to proceedings.

The right equipment

I have a range of professional grade equipment. This means that from talking to you about your event, I can provide a suitable disco for your occasion? Why is this so important? A great party disco will include great music, clear sound and stunning disco lighting. 

If you have booked a large room for say 200 guests, your DJ needs to provide a system which is suitable both in sound but also lighting. On the other hand, a small venue will require something smaller which requires less space. Will the DJ have this flexibility?

Lighting should be fully controllable. Nobody wants to walk into a function room and get blinded by lighting in their face for the whole evening. A professional disco should be able to control their lights.

Finally on this point, all good discos should have backup equipment. I would strongly recommend you ask this question. Everything from spare speakers to a microphone should be carried should a problem occur. I have heard of stories where the DJ didn’t carry such equipment, meaning the party/wedding was ruined.