In this article I aim to focus on the reasons why it’s critically important to book an experienced mobile disco and DJ such as East Anglian Discos rather than taking unnecessary risks.

Where to start? Book an experienced Mobile Disco

For many clients, to book an experienced Mobile Disco can be a daunting task, and often linked to a whole host of other activities linked to the function such as a wedding reception.

Experience is critical

The number one question I would stress to clients is that your disco should be experienced. Most professional wedding & function discos would have performed at hundreds of different functions and venues.They must be familiar with protocols, have confidence to liaise with everyone from the caretaker to the toastmaster, having excellent communication skills. You would be able to assess this in a pre-wedding/party meeting, which is something we always offer our prospective clients.

Communication & Presentation

Before booking your mobile disco it’s critical that you speak to your DJ. Remember that he/she will be addressing your guests for the whole evening. Are you happy with their appearance or manner? With East Anglian Discos, we will meet you and take time to talk to you and understand your specific requirements, including announcements and timings. Another important factor is the DJ’s presentation. We will discuss this with you. We are happy to dress in a tuxedo, suit or something more casual. Unfortunately, we hear stories of DJs turning up in old trainers and scruffy jeans!


How well does your DJ know music? It takes years of experience to understand the different types of music for all age groups and what is and isn’t popular. Many DJs simply play their own set and will not always play your requests and don’t have in depth knowledge of music. So many times so hear of stories of DJ’s who have no understanding of Motown, Rock, 80’s or 90’s music. 

Will your DJ turn up?

Book an experienced mobile disco. Will you DJ actually turn up? It sound awful, but unfortunately it does happen frequently with the less experienced DJs. With East Anglian Discos, you are in reliable hands as we always issue a booking contract giving you peace of mind.

All Disco Equipment is not the same!

Is your DJs equipment reliable? I am constantly surprised by the number of fellow DJs who do not take back up equipment with them to their functions or use very old equipment which is prone to failure. I hear lots of stories of other DJ’s equipment breaking down on the night. With East Anglian Wedding & Party Discos you are in safe hands as we always bring back up equipment with us.

Will your DJ send a replacement inexperienced DJ?

Will your DJ turn up in person? So many times we hear that a DJ has passed on work to someone else less experienced putting your function at risk or not showing up at all. With East Anglian Discos you book me and you will get me! So please book an experienced mobile disco.

Are they Safe & Insured?

Finally is your disco insured? Many venues will insist upon inspecting public liability documentation (PLI) and Portable Appliance documents (PAT). DJs usually require these to gain access to venues. With East Anglian Discos we have both PLI & PAT documentation. I have heard of some stories of DJ who weren’t insured being turned away by the venue. This truly is terrible news and should be avoided so please book an experienced DJ for your special occasion. 

Book an experienced mobile disco like myself to ensure peace of mind.