Confetti canon

What is a confetti cannon?

Confetti cannons – These have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and can be used for any event. Think of them as an 80cm specialised party popper which will explode a colour of your choice at the right moment causing the ultimate sea if colour and the unforgettable ‘wow factor’.

These are professional grade devices made specifically for the entertainment industry to use which give the ultimate effect.

Weddings & Birthdays

These are extremely safe devices and typically, a confetti cannon is opened when the bride & groom are having their first dance, although I also use them at birthday parties. They look simply stunning on photographs and carpet the floor in the colour of your choice. It’s critical in these situations to liaise with your photographer to ensure they are capturing this magic moment.

I usually find that it’s a lovely touch if a member of the bridal party lets off the confetti cannon, and it’s fun too!


What colours can you have? There’s a vast choice of confetti cannon colours. The most popular colours are metallic gold, silver, purple, red & white.


I recommend that 1 cannon is sufficient for most small & medium functions. For very large events in excess of say 150 people I would recommend two cannons.

£35 per cannon