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This on the face of it, this looks to be a very simple thing, but it fact it is becomes a fairly complicated area.

What makes a wedding reception or party an unforgettable experience? Let me explain further.

Reason 1 – You & Your Guests!

Hopefully after such an unbelievable and emotional day full of celebrations you and your guests will be ready to let your hair down and party non-stop throughout the evening and to dance the night away. But the success of the evening will without doubt be in the hands of your DJ and their experience and skill. If he or she gets it wrong, then it spells disaster and an early night!

Reason 2 – Photographers Love a Great Disco

Your photographer will be keen to snap those wonderful smiling and fun pictures on the dance floor showing your guests having such a fantastic time as they dance the night away.

An important part of the evening is the DJ’s ability to liaise with other key stakeholders at your wedding reception. From my experience, a wedding photographer will want to work with your DJ to ensure everything is perfect for your all important Bride & Grooms ‘first dance’ of the evening. This means discussing lighting to make sure it’s perfect for those magical photos are not spoilt by unnecessary beams. Another important factor is the timing of any confetti cannon if you decide to have one, for those ‘wow’ photos.

Reason 3 – Collaboration

In my experience, I would always without questions spend a few minutes talking to the wedding photographer and any other key stakeholders on arrival at your reception or event. I personally find those discussions is always time well spent and builds a good working collaborative relationship for the remainder of your event.

Reason 4 – Reading the Dance Floor

Your DJ will need to play the music your want but will he or she be using their vast experience to ‘read the dance floor’ and decide when to play the tunes at the right time to maximise the atmosphere to keep the dance floor ‘alive’.  This takes years of experience. It might be easy to play ‘Dancing Queen’ but what will they play after it to ‘hold the floor’?

In my experience it takes at least 10 years of experience to be a competent wedding DJ who has sufficient experience to confidently take charge of your wedding reception to enable you to dance the night away.

Reason 5 – Your Music Requests – Dance the Night Away

A complicated area. Let me explain how to get this right in the paragraphs below.

Reason 6 – Will Your DJ Play What Your Want to Dance to?

It sounds very obvious, but is it? Will the DJ play your requests and also your guests requests? They should do so without question, but I would always recommend checking with them prior to agreeing to a booking. It’s certainly a question I would ask and as an experienced wedding DJ I would be happy to answer yes!

Reason 7 – Will you DJ accept a playlist?

Many DJ’s will not accept any form of playlist. In fact a high proportion of DJs don’t accept them at all. I happily accept playlists as in my opinion it’s a great way to put your personal touch into the evenings music, and to me that’s so important as it’s your special day. My only advice is to keep the playlist to reasonable manageable size of say up to 30 tracks as this allows for guests to make requests and for the DJ to use their expertise to keep the floor full to allow you and your guests to dance the night away. To me that’s the perfect balance to dance the night away with East Anglian Discos.

Reason 8 – Will your DJ know the music genre you are requesting?

A DJ of say 10 years of wedding receptions & parties experience will have covered a large number of events and grasped a firm understanding all types of music and be able to switch genres and please all age groups. However, I wouldn’t take it for granted that every DJ will know all types of music. My advice is to ask them whether they do particularly if you like particularly genres. To dance the night away you want to ensure that all the music & requests you desire are played.

Reason 9 – Will your DJ be be able to play music they don’t have?

Please don’t assume that DJ’s carry & have access to every single track ever released. My expectation would be for a professional DJ to carry on their hard drive a substantial collection of music, which is also backed up in case of any unlikely failure. For an occasional track they don’t have in their collection, they should be able to legally download on wifi & play the track or if this isn’t possible offer a suitable alternative.

Reason 10 – Will your DJ respect songs that you do not want playing?

Some clients will ask me to not play certain tracks for various reasons. This is not a problem and I will always respect their wishes.

These are all critical questions that you must be confident in the right answer. Please understand, that not all DJ’s will do as you wish.

Reason 11 – Sound Quality

This is important! To dance the night away, you need not only great music but also clear high quality sound. A professional wedding DJ will use cutting edge sound systems from the leading manufacturers such RCF, FBT, EV and Bose, and will adapt the system to suit your reception venue and the the number of wedding guests. I do hear stories of some DJ’s using unreliable systems producing a dreadful muffled sound.

The other risk is that the system is underpowered and is unsuitable for your function. This will mean low volumes and poor sound quality.

With East Anglian Discos you will have a fantastic sound system which will be matched to your venue.

Reason 12 – Lighting

To dance the night away you not only need great music but also the appropriate lighting with your disco.

Mood lighting creates a real ambience and wow factor around the room.

The DJ’s lighting should be exciting and very importantly controllable to avoid lights flashing into people faces. A professional DJ will be able to control their lights enable you to dance the night away from your ‘first dance’ through to the final song of the evening. A professional disco will be able match colours.


To dance the night away you & your guests will require an experienced wedding DJ who will be open to playing the music you want to hear and be approachable and flexible to ensure you have a wonderful party.

Smiling party guests dancing-Dance the night away