Mobile DJ and social media

Mobile DJ and Social Media

How do most clients contact me? Many years ago it was a phone call either through the Yellow Pages, using business cards or by personal recommendation.

Recommendations haven’t changed (50% of my bookings are through client recommendations) but social media has changed the landscape over the past 20 years or so and how clients make initial contact.

In this article, I will provide some insight in respect of how Mobile Discos use social media but critically what you the client needs to look out for and consider if you are considering booking a mobile DJ for your event.

Mobile DJ and Social Media – the Important Shop Front

For a Mobile DJ and Social media their website will be their shop front.

Years ago, mobile DJ’s relied on posters and glitzy business cards pinned to notice boards.

If you are considering booking a mobile disco, I would recommend that you visit their website to do some initial research.

A website should be kept up to date with recent photos, testimonials and ideally some informative blog posts, and be easy to read, portraying the message that you need to book them. In general it needs to look professional & up to date.

The problem is that anyone can create  a website and unfortunately sometimes give the impression that they are an experienced and professional run business. Usually they are but be careful!

Be wary too of websites with stock type photos. These are quite easy to spot and are downloaded from American websites, usually they used without copyright approval.

Facebook & Instagram are good alternatives to a website, but that said a professional mobile disco will have both.

Youtube is great. Short videos showing guests having a great time are brilliant. It also gives a good idea of their disco lighting & the atmosphere which they have created.

Types of Mobile DJ and Social Media

Lots of mobile dj social media is available theses days, but these are the ones which I use with my links:






Testimonials & Google Ratings

These are an excellent guide, however not all ratings are bonafide. A number of high ratings are good news!

Google, Facebook and their website should carry a number of testimonials & ratings (usually scored out of 5).

If you want reassurances, I would ask for one or two private testimonials from satisfied clients. Some previous clients will be delighted to endorse the disco.

Important Information on their Website

They key information to look out for in respect of Mobile DJ and social media:

  1. Experience – how long have they been in business & what type of events do they specialise in?
  2. Venues – where have they played recently? Useful to know if they are experienced at a number of venues.
  3. Photos & Videos – good quality shots & film of people having a great time are essential.
  4. Appearance – I’d expect to see a shot of the DJ and a couple of their set up. Needs to look well presented.
  5. Testimonials – A good recent selection of these is a great sign
  6. Safety – Evidence or clear reference that they are insured & equipment carries appropriator documentaton (PAT).
  7. Contact – Both by phone and email is essential.
  8. Blog & FAQ – A professional site will have both. It provides useful additional & informative information.

Can I See You Working?

Sometimes prospective clients will review my website and other social media content and then contact me asking if they are able to see me at work prior to booking me. Whilst this sounds great, most of my bookings are private. I must therefore respect the privacy of my clients. Occasionally, I do some public events and these may be attended by prior agreement.

As an alternative, I recommend visiting my Youtube channel which I regularly keep updated. There’s lots of recent & varied videos on there.

I hope that you found this blog relating to mobile DJ and social media helpful.