It’s all about playing music you want to hear. I hear many unfortunate stories of some local DJ’s who don’t understand the difference music genres such as Motown, Soul, garage, 80′ & 90’s. Equally, many DJ’s will not play your requests!. I enjoy playing music you want to hear.

Playing Music You Want to Hear – Your Music

It’s almost guaranteed that most people who will be attending your celebration will have a different taste or preference in their music. As your Wedding & Party DJ, my aim is to ensure that you and your guests have a fantastic evening, and hear the music that everyone wants to hear, and that the dance floor remains full of happy guests. 

I have over 30 years of experience on what fills the dance floor. My music collection is the envy of most DJs! That means that if you want music from anything ranging from the 1930’s through to the current 2024 chart scene, I will ensure that I’m playing music you want to hear. 

Many clients invite guests covering a range of age groups. We have something for everyone from toddlers to Uncle Albert in his 90’s.

To giver you some idea, during a typical 5 hour function, I will play approximately 80 to 90 songs. 

I love receiving requests during a function from your guests. Many clients these days ask if they can send me a list of their favourite songs to play during the evening. That’s fine with me, and it adds a personal touch to the proceedings.

It can also be great fun to ask guests beforehand for a favourite song to be played. Often this is incorporated with the wedding invitation. Any lists can be emailed to me prior to your party.

If you are going to create a playlist, then my my experience I highly recommend that it should be limited to about 30 songs. The reason for doing so is to allow for requests on the night and it also enables me to slot in other appropriate songs to keep the flow going and the dance floor full. Remember whilst slow songs and background music requests are fine and a change of tempo, people usually will want to dance for the majority of the evening.

With playlists sent to me in advance of the event, I ask for these to be sent over at least 10 days in advance of the party. This is to ensure that I have sourced their music, listened to special versions of tracks, and this also gives time for clients to discuss any particular songs with me. 

Playing music you want to hear – May clients also find it very helpful discussing their music preferences with me to gauge my thoughts about specific songs in respect of what does & doesn’t work from my experience. 

Here is list of the top 200 requested songs in 2022 but remember, all functions are different!

Types of Music

I’ve everything to ensure a full dance floor. I will also source any additional tracks if required. That’s because it’s about playing music you want to hear. 

All of my music is legally sourced and paid for in advance with the appropriate licences in place. All music is of the highest quality to ensure the ultimate clarity in sound. 

I also cover many specialised theme nights which are increasingly popular such as 70’s 80’s, 90’s, Salsa and Motown. So if you are planning a themed evening, East Anglian Discos will be the perfect disco for you.

I have also DJ’d a number of specialist evenings such as Colombian, Indian and Dutch, Greek & Scottish. 

In summary, I enjoy playing music you want to hear to make your party a truly memorable occasion.