About 50% of my birthday party discos and functions tend to be a surprise birthday party disco.

Over the years East Anglian Discos has had the pleasure of supplying our mobile DJ services to 100’s of surprise parties.

In this article I cover the basic points to remember for a surprise party.

Surprise Birthday Party Disco – Guests Arrival Times

I would strongly recommend that you advise all invited guests to arrive at the venue at least 20 mins before the arrival of the birthday boy/girl. This is because some people may not be familiar with the area or venue and could be running late. The last thing we want is for the surprise to be spoilt!

I will arrive around 60-75 mins beforehand to ensure that I am ready well before everyone arrives. Another possibility is for me to set up earlier in the day.

Prior to their Arrival & Surprise

I will work with you, but usually I would recommend some light low volume background music, which will be turned off prior to the arrival of the surprised people. 

The Surprise

Usually the lights are dimmed/turned off and there is a hush to maximise the surprise! When the light go up and the surprise begins, I can play any music to suit you. Maybe ‘Happy Birthday’ by Stevie Wonder.


I love receiving your requests and playlists

At a surprise birthday party disco it’s useful to know the favourite tunes of the birthday person in advance, adding that personal touch. It always feels extra special to play their songs during the evening, knowing that the organiser knows their preferences.


I supply a radio microphone at no extra cost at these parties. Some people will be keen to thank their guests for making their evening special after they have recovered from the shock! However, some people prefer not to give a speech. It is entirely up to them.

Music Volume Levels

As a rule, volume levels tend to be fairly low during the first part of the evening. This is because at these parties, the birthday person will want to talk to their guests for some time before taking to the dance floor!

I hope you find this brief article helpful. I would be delighted to discuss with you your surprise birthday party disco requirements.