Playing your music requests – It’s great!

One thing I truly love about my job as a Mobile DJ is discussing music with my clients. I’ve always taken great pride in particular with music. I play your music requests.

The great thing is that everyone has different music tastes. This is always reflected in the event. I can honestly say over the past 30 years that no function is ever the same! I really enjoy seeing all age groups having a wonderful time dancing the night away!

As a guide, by playing your music requests at a typical 5 hour function entails playing about 90 songs. In my experience, between 40%-66% of music which I played during a function will be some type of request.

My music is legally sourced and paid for.

Playing Your Music Requests – What Works Best?

As a vastly experienced Wedding and Function DJ, I have many years of seeing full dance floors and knowing what does and also doesn’t work. My music collection is vast covering all age groups and tastes.

I have 4 key recommendations:

  1. Pre-Party Meeting – These consultation meetings are advisable and certainly essential for wedding bookings. I get to meet you and understand in more detail your celebration and what you and your guests like. It’s also a chance to discuss music.

2. Playlists – These have become popular in the past 15 years. The request list is given to the DJ in before the function. I have found that a list of around 20 tracks works very well and ensures that the DJ is aware of key songs that need to be played during the evening. I would not advise compiling large play lists. This is because many requests are made by guests during the evening.This allows the DJ to use their expertise to slot in appropropriate floor filling songs during the evening.

Playing your music requests – As I am writing this article, I am about to review a list of songs for a post-wedding party in Bury St Edmunds. The list contains 15 songs given to me at a meeting by the bride and groom.

3. Evening Requests – Very important. Varied requests from all age groups which can be played at the appropriate times during the evening. I always ensure that I will play your music requests. I highly recommend that your guests make any requests as early as possible during the evening to ensure that I can fit in as many a s possible. I’m often bombarded with lots of great requests during the last hour, and I can never fit then all in!

4. Don’t Play Songs – I would cover this at a meeting. If there are any specific songs which should be avoided I can ensure these are not played.

Any finally, and to assist you, here is a link to the Top 100 wedding dance songs .

I love playing your music requests. 

Playing your music requests