In this article I will discuss the importance, where possible of having a wedding disco meeting with your DJ. There are many benefits of meeting your DJ well before your big day. At East Anglian Discos I always offer a meeting, but not all discos do!

It’s Free!

Wedding disco meeting. I do not charge for wedding consultation meetings providing it takes place in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or North Essex. If you live further afield, we can take advantage of using Skype. For example, I recently did a wedding near Newmarket where the Bride and Groom lived in New Zealand. We held our meeting on Skype.

Presently, 70% of couples have a wedding disco meeting. This has increased from 25% only 3 years ago.

Why Have a Meeting?

The wedding disco meeting is an opportunity for me and the couple to meet and discuss their special day in more detail. Phone calls are fine, but they never cover all of the questions. It also enables the couple to form as rapport with the DJ.

Remember, your wedding DJ will be running your evening, communicating to you and your guests. You need to be 100% happy that he/she will provide you with what you really want.

You are not obligated to book me at the meeting.

I find that the meeting lets the couple freely discuss their day as well as allowing me to advise them on various areas using the benefit of my vast experience.

Areas such as timings, music, first dance, colour scheme, mood lighting and early setups may be discussed. It also allows me to share ideas, photos of previous weddings. For example, recently at a meeting a bride wanted a particular colour of mood lighting. I was able to find an exact photo of an earlier wedding with the same colour scheme. The bride was delighted!

Where does the Wedding Disco Meeting Take Place?


Usually, this is at the wedding venue or the home of the bride and groom. Clients are also welcome to visit me at my office.

If you are planning a marquee wedding reception, it’s helpful to hold the holding at the location of the where the marquee will be. This is because I can still get a good idea of space and site access. I can also advise on whether an early set up is an option to consider and where to place the dance floor etc. 

A Recent Example

I met John & Claire in Bramerton Norfolk in October 2021 to discuss their 2022 wedding reception. It’s a beautiful riverside setting on the edge of the Norfolk Broads and it was great to be showed around such a wonderful venue. They have exclusive use of the venue for their wedding for the whole day.

We discussed timings, music, access to the function area, colour schemes and speeches. Claire was delighted that the mood lighting would match their colour scheme. An early set up was discussed. My advice was that it wasn’t necessary for this wedding, saving the bride and groom money. Space was limited in the main area for the disco, so I will adapt the disco to fit into the room, allowing ample space for dancing. 

I also had the opportunity to meet the wedding coordinator at the venue which was an added bonus and this was extremely helpful for everyone. 

A wedding disco meeting is valuable.


In summary, a wedding disco meeting is a fantastic planning opportunity for your special day, and also to get to know your DJ better and to ask them questions to ensure that everything is how you want it. Every meeting which I have attended has been immensely helpful for all everyone.