All day weddings

All Day Weddings

Have you thought about hiring a mobile DJ for the whole or part of the day? A DJ isn’t necessarily just for the evening. It can also be for other key elements of the day too or for the complete day. A professional wedding DJ like myself will always offer this flexible bespoke service for my clients. All day weddings are now an extremely popular option.

In this article I discuss all the various options and benefits of considering whether those all day weddings options are right for your big day.

In recent years having your DJ on hand throughout the day has proved to be a popular and cost effective option.

Meeting Your DJ

With all my wedding packages, I would recommend that the starting place would be meeting me before your wedding day. It’s totally free too!

It’s of high importance if you have hired me for your wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast.  It helps me to understand what’s happening, build a rapport with you and to see the venue firsthand and to ensure that everything’s runs as smoothly as possible. Ideally this always works best at the wedding venue.

Bride & Groom with DJ

I met Tom & Ellie (above) at their wedding venue in Norfolk a few days before their wedding.

The Wedding Ceremony

For the wedding ceremony at all day weddings, I offer a discrete and compact sound system which is extremely small & situated at the rear of the ceremony room. One mistake many couples frequently make is not starting the DJ early enough to play prelude/seating music. Music should start at least 15 minutes prior to the actual start of the ceremony but from my experience, I would recommend at least 30 minutes beforehand as many guests will arrive early.

Music – many clients provide me with their choice of music. This needs to include 1 tracks for walking down the aisle and another for walking together up the aisle and out of the ceremony. Music is not usually played during the ceremony, expect for possibly signing of the register.

Upon the conclusion of your wedding ceremony, the DJ will usually play for about 5 to 10 minutes of post-ceremony music while you and your guests exit the ceremony room. Depending on the length of your ceremony, the total time span usually runs anywhere from 45-75 minutes for the prelude music, ceremony music & post ceremony music combined.

It’s is sensible to plan on scheduling your DJ for a total of  75-minutes. This allows for a buffer in the event should things get started late.

Finally, I use a small separate sound system for the ceremony. This means that the transition to the drinks reception is seamless and does not involve moving any equipment from room to room. Most professional wedding DJs prefer this option. The last thing you really want is for the DJ to be moving his equipment and bumping into wedding guests at the end the ceremony!

The Drinks Reception

For all day weddings, usually the ceremony & drinks reception are booked together, but I have also done these separately. This is usually where the wedding service takes place at a church or registry  office and then the couple will later have their drinks reception at their wedding reception venue. Music may be played inside or outside of the wedding reception venue. Outside is popular between May to September inclusive (weather permitting!)

The drinks reception for all day weddings usually lasts for a couple of hours.

All day weddings couples will always have input into the music for the drinks reception. The drinks reception is usually a fairly informal and relaxed part of the day, as guests are busy congratulating the happy couple and the photographers are busy. It creates a great ambience. This elements typically lasts for a couple of hours.

The Wedding Breakfast

This tends to be a sit down meal, but is frequently a buffet or some couples even hire a fish & chip shop van.

Typically, the wedding breakfast lasts up to 3 hours including the speeches. Background music which is usually selected by the couple is played as low volumes during the meal, and switched off prior to the speeches.

After the meal, the traditional speeches take place. I always offer the use of a wireless microphone for guests should they require. This is of great benefit in larger venues such as barns, ensuring that everyone can be heard. With my all day wedding packages the use is complimentary and there is no charge.

Frequently the wedding breakfast overruns. This is because everyone is having such a great time. Having your DJ on site when this happens means there is no loss of dancing time in the evening as he would have already set up earlier in the day, and is ready to start.

Depending on the venue, it’s quite common for the venue staff to spend a short time changing the room around in readiness for the evening reception. The main element is making sure the dancing area is ready for the evening. It’s unusual for the wedding breakfast seating to remain the same for the evening’s proceedings.

The Evening Party/Reception

This is main element of the day for the DJ, where all of the wedding party & guests are ready to let their hair down and dance the night away. The length of the evening party is up to my clients, and typically these tend to be approx 5 hours in length, but I am always flexible. The post popular times are 7-12.

Sometimes my clients choose an earlier start and an early finish. It’s entirely up to you! Recently, I did a great afternoon/evening wedding party which was from 5 to 9 to accommodate the couples young children.

I’ve written several articles on a great evening wedding reception.

Bride Dancing at Wedding

MC Services

This is another great benefit of all day weddings is where there is the option of your DJ to provide some MC services.

Your DJ will be on hand to make those important announcements such as introduction of the speeches and ensuring that everything is done at the right time.

Wedding Guests Dancing

All day weddings – Benefits of Extending DJ Services

  1. DJ on site throughout the day
  2. Rapport built with you, other key stakeholders & guests
  3. No early set up fee – typically £70 saving
  4. DJ ready to start when required  – seamlessly blends afternoon proceddings into evening
  5. Microphones available for speeches – £50 saving
  6. No noise/disruption as already set up
  7. Easier for venue as DJ already there & set up – convenient and saves time
  8. Flexibility – separate systems used for ceremony & remainder of day
  9. MC – many DJs will act as an MC making those important announcements
  10. Cost – overall all day wedding DJ services offer great value


2025/26 prices, the additional DJ services costs are typically as follows:

5 hour wedding from – £495

Wedding Breakfast option – £160

Ceremony & Drinks reception – £200

Drinks reception only  – £130

Mood lighting – £140

Confetti Canon – £40

At East Anglian Discos, our all day wedding packages start at £855.

Finally on all Day Weddings

I hope that you found this article for all day weddings helpful & informative.

Please also be assured that you may alter timings and the disco package. For example, recently a couple had booked their evening reception and wedding breakfast package but wanted to include the drinks reception later. That’s absolutely fine as I will work with you to make your day perfect.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your plans further please either phone me on 07790 236647 or email me

All day weddings