Wedding first dance – One of the most important aspects of a wedding reception is the all important first dance where the Bride & Groom traditionally start off the evening’s dancing. As your Wedding DJ, I will ensure that your wedding first dance is a perfect & unforgettable experience. 

In this short blog I will take you through some thoughts in respect of your wedding first dance to ensure you have a wonderful evening.

Do I have to Have a Traditional Wedding First dance?

The answer is no. It’s your day so do exactly as you please. Very occasionally some couples don’t want a wedding first dance and that is absolutely fine. It’s crucial that you have exactly what you want. So, if you don’t want one then let me know.

When does the Wedding First Dance take place?

From my experience, this happens after the speeches and also usually after the wedding cake has been cut. It’s entirely up to you when you choose to do so. Part of my job is to make sure that you are ready and then I make the all important announcement after which there will be a rapturous round of applause! In recent times, the dance takes place immediately after the cake has been cut. This creates a natural flow into the first dance, but it’s utlimetely your decision.  

I will liaise with the wedding planner and photographer to ensure everyone is ready.

You may wish to perform the whole wedding first dance by yourself, or I can request that guests join you after say the first minute.

Anything else to consider for my Wedding First Dance?

Yes! If you have invited evening guests, you may wish to consider having the first dance after they have arrived.

Secondly, I would recommend having the First Dance before any evening buffet, otherwise the moment will be delayed. From my experience, the wedding first dance tends to take place sometime between 7.30 and 8.45 but it is entirely up to you!

Your wedding venue or wedding coordinator will work with me to ensure everything works to plan, and that the timings of your wedding first dance fit in with the caterers or other key suppliers. 

The Wow Factor

Why not create that increbible wow factor by having a confetti cannon explode the colours of your choice (silver, gold, white & purple all look superb) as you take to the floor. It really does create the most amazing photographs and looks totally stunning!

If you are interested in having a confetti cannon, I would encourage my clients to check with their wedding venue to ensure they permit them for their wedding first dance. 

Confetti canons start at just £40.

Subtle haze also creates another stunning effect on the photos. I do not charge for providing haze at any function, it’s an optional part of the package. 

Your First Dance Song

This is entirely your choice. Just let me know a week before your wedding and leave the rest to me.

If you would like a specific version of your special song? No problem as I can source it for you. 

As a very general guide and to create a bit of interest some of the most popular wedding dances can be found here

Can I have more than one first dance? Of course you can. Sometimes clients want that second special song. That’s fine with me! Just let me know.

Other Special Dances

After Wedding First Dance, the Bride or Groom may wish to perform another dance such as the Bride & Father of the Bride or the Groom with his mother. As your Wedding DJ, I will be happy to talk to you to ensure everything flows perfectly on your special day.

Some clients may want a special song played later in the evening. Again, that is perfect with me.

Lighting For Your First Dance

A very important area to consider which is often overlooked by many DJs. 

You certainly won’t want lots of uncontrolled lights moving all around the room!

It’s always my clients decision what they choose, but usually it tends to be some white circle spotlights or coloured or white hearts. Some clients also prefer red or purple hearts. I can provide you with lots of choices.

Another important part of my job for your wedding first dance is to work with the venue and your wedding photographer to that he or she are happy with the lighting for those perfect photographs. 

What Happens After the Wedding First Dance?

Usually this is the moment where the party really starts and clients will take to the floor and dance the night away to their favourite songs. 

Free Bride & Groom meeting

I offer a meeting either at the venue, your home or via Skype or Teams at no cost.

This gives you an opportunity to meet me and vice versa! I can fully discuss your plans with you and answer any questions you may have including lighting, and to discuss music, including your first dance. I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer if possible. 

It’s vitally important that your Wedding DJ is involved in discussions in respect of the first dance. This ensures that you will have the perfect first dance!

The Last Song of the Evening

I am frequently asked to play a specific song/songs to finish the great day off. This is often a really important meaningful song to the bride and groom. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your guests up onto the dance floor and to finish the evening off on a real high.

Sometimes couples like their guests to form a line of arches to so that the bride & groom and can walk down the line and personally say goodbye to their guests whilst music of their choice is playing. Whatever your thoughts, I’d be delighted to discuss those with you to make your day perfect and unforgettable.  

Repeating Your First Dance

Just an option that some clients like to do. Repeating their first dance but joined with their friends and family to finish off the perfect day.

DJ Booth

I’ve included the DJ Booth in this article as it’s an important part of the ambience of your special day, but also it will appear in your photos, so it’s something worth thinking about as it’s linked to your wedding first dance. 

A DJ booth is simply where a DJ places their equipment such as laptops, controllers and microphones etc and face the audience. 

DJ booths come in all shapes and sizes and the vast majority will be well presented. 

I ways offer my clients a choice between a white DJ booth and a black one. The choice is your and there is no difference in cost. Both booths include the led twinkly fairy style lights, but also can be supplied plain without the lights. I also provide a slightly smaller booth for venues where space is slightly more limited. 

Leaving Early – No Problem

Sometimes the bride & groom intend leaving the wedding reception before the end of the evening. This might be because they have to leave early for their honeymoon or for another reason. I will happily make the appropriate announcement to ensure everyone is aware and to say farewell to you and should your guests then want to continue to party on after the bride and groom have departed, that’s fine with me.

Anything Else?

Yes, apart from the wedding first dance, think about what music will be played prior to and leading up to the first dance and afterwards. I’m happy to play anything. Quite often many clients like some slightly uptempo foot tapping rat pack type music such as Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams. It seems to be perfect for the transition from the afternoons events flowing into the evening. 

What are the Most Played & Popular Wedding First Dances?

The aim of this section is to simply highlight those first dances which are the most popular. This is useful if you are undecided or perhaps also want to avoid the most popular songs and instead go for something unique and personal to you.

  1. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  2. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  3. Everything – Michael Bublé
  4. All Of Me – John Legend
  5. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  6. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Andy Williams
  7. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
  8. Stand By Me – Ben E.King
  9. At Last Etta James
  10. Ho Hey – The Lumineers
  11. L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole
  12. You’re Still The One – Shania Twain
  13. Amazed – Lonestar
  14. Circle of Life – Elton John
  15. Make You Feel My Love – Adele
  16. Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye
  17. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams
  18. Your Song – Elton Song
  19. You Raise Me Up – Westlife
  20. Careless Whisper – George Michael


I’m here to help and advise you. I can guide you through all aspects of your wedding reception including your first dance and the music throughout your wedding reception to ensure that you have a truly unforgettable evening.

Please either call me on 07790 236647 or email me at 

Bride & Groom First Dance - Wedding First Dance

Bride & Groom Dancing - Wedding First Dance

Bride and Groom - Wedding First Dance