Why Book me to be your DJ?

Experience, Experience, Experience – Why Book Me as Your DJ

I cannot emphasis enough just how important experience is with a mobile DJ.

This is my number 1 piece of advice to you, and this is sadly often missed or overlooked by prospective clients. To re-phrase the question, does this DJ know what they are doing or arebcompetent enough to make my party or wedding event a success?

Why book me me as your DJ. I have over 30 years of experience as a wedding & party DJ, and I have built up reputation for playing great music and engaging fully with my guests whilst offering great value for money.

Experience is Built Up Over Time

Yes, we all had to start somewhere and learn our art through a wide range of function at different venues, but it does take years and years of experience and practice to become a competent DJ. This experience is even more critical with weddings.

I’m also a trusted & long serving member of the National Association of DJs. This gives you peace of mind knowing that I am part of the Industry’s trade body.

How can I tell if someone is Experienced?

  • Check reviews on sites such as Google & Facebook – look for more than 1 or 2 reviews as these could have been posted by people who know them!!
  • Ask for a testimonial from a satisfied customer – There’s nothing wrong with asking for this, and most satisfied customers would be more than happy to pass on their recommendation.
  • Websites – check for locations & venues where they have performed – this will give you a give idea of their experience & credentials. Be a little wary of their glitzy websites. Whilst a good starting point, look for further indications of their experience.
  • Can you see them work? This is often very tricky unless it’s a public event. However, experienced DJ’s should have a YouTube site and be regularly updating it. This is useful and will give you an idea of what they do as well as the lighting and equipment they use.
  • Contracts – will they issue you with booking confirmation by way of a contract? It’s essential that they do. It gives both parties a legal commitment to the event and clarity on what you have both agreed, so that there is no misunderstanding later on. Many DJs do not provide a contract which sadly leaves their clients exposed to the risk of being let down at short notice.

Music Knowledge

Why book me as your Party or Wedding DJ?

I understand music and my experience means I know what to play and when to play it to keep that dancing buzzing throughout the evening.

I will accept your requests and I happily accept your playlists and talk to clients about their musical preferences.

I’m unable to accept very long playlists that spans the whole evening (typically these I would regard as 40 or more tracks), as from my experience they do not work so well and the important essence is to let the event naturally flow and the atmosphere build up.

Knowing me knowing you

I don’t mean the Abba classic! It’s great track though!

What I am driving at here is the rapport I build up with my clients before a party or wedding.

How do I achieve this?

  1. Free meetings – I offer a free meeting to all of my clients. In that way, you can find out more about what I do, and how I can make your occasion a wonderful occasion.
  2. Free site visits – These are really useful in planning your event. A great example would be marquee functions.
  3. Contact me when you want – I like being asked questions, so when you book East Anglian Discos you are not only booking a disco on your chosen date, but a full consultancy service from the moment book through to your big day.


Whilst some clients want a straight forward disco from 7-12, many want something different because it suits their needs. A really good disco like East Anglian Discos will provide you with flexibility and options such as :

  1. Early set -up
  2. Mood lighting
  3. Confetti canonns
  4. Wedding Breakfast music
  5. Extended playing times
  6. Meeting – are they willing to do so?

Agents  – Be careful!

I word of advice here and speaking from my own experience having worked with a number of very good agents & event companies over the years. A lot of people will book a DJ or a party/wedding package through an agent or company offering a range of event services including a DJ as it’s often seen as a complete and hassle free way. If you do this, then I recommend a high degree of caution first before proceeding:

Agents – Caution required with DJs

  1. The unknown DJ – Most agents will have a large number of DJ’s on their books. In my experience, the agent will never have seen their DJ work. Often these DJ’s are not vetted by the agent, so you have no idea who will turn up, whether they are insured or carry PAT ceritification on the day and how experienced they really are, and whether their equipment is suitable for your event. On busy dates in the summer, the agent will haver to dig deeper and book DJ’s they don’t know well to get the date covered by just someone.
  2. Communication  – Will likely be minimal or nil beforehand with your DJ. Communication will go through the agent/agency. Therefore there is no chance of building a rapport or getting peace of mind prior to your event.
  3. Costs/Fee  – How much of your money will end up with the DJ? Don’t be fooled in thinking that if you pay an agent £500 in total the DJ will get most of this. Typically after deducting VAT and the agent’s cut, the DJ may only end up with approx £30o.


With East Anglian Party & Wedding Discos you are in safe & experienced hands, and I will ensure you have a fantastic event by working with you at all timed.

Please email me at hello@eastangliandiscos.co.uk or give me a call on 0770 236657.

I look forward to hearing from you.